We are now selling self contained power hammers available in sizes from 9kg to 150kg.  The most popular size for knife makers is the 16kg or the 25kg,  depending on whether you want to make Damascus or not.  All of the hammers we sell are shipped "ready to run", all you have to do is plug them into household 220 volt and go.  We set up each hammer and test it in house for at least one hour of run time and includes a one year warranty from the factory.  Each hammer has a foot pedal and a hand control for ease of use and allows for control of speed as well as how hard the ram hits.  We include a manual, spare rings for the cylinders, and anchor bolts to attach it to the floor.  Eleven different die patterns are available and each hammer comes with a set of partial drawing dies.  Please call or contact us here on the website for specific details and pricing.  Prices start at $3995 plus delivery.