Rudy Dean Custom Knives

I am a maker of damascus (pattern welded) steel, custom knives, and tomahawks.  My knife making abilities have been learned over the years from several well known makers including Herb Derr and Edmund Davidson, to both of whom I owe a great debt of gratitude.  The art of making damascus steel was imparted on me by Herb Derr of St. Albans WV.  Through his teachings, I have become a knife maker who practices "sole authorship", which means that I do all the work on my knives from making the damascus, forging the blade, finishing the knife and making the sheath.  When the finished product is presented to the customer, what is presented is my own work and nothing else.  Each knife is made individually with pride and comes with a complete lifetime warranty on the knife and it's sheath.  I concentrate on damascus knives but also make knives of tool, plain high carbon, and stainless steels.  Most of my work centers around everyday use and skinning knives but I don't limit my products to any specific type.  Orders from individuals are accepted for whatever product they desire, as long as it is within my capabilities.  Thank you for visiting my site and please contact me if I may be of service to you.