50 pieces in 2" 

100 pieces in 1-1/2"

200 pieces in 1-1/2"

100 Pieces in 2"

200 pieces in 2"

50 pieces in 1-1/2"

15N20 Steel

This steel is cut from thirty foot long band blades that are sourced from Uddeholm Steel, who confirmed the steel used in making these blades.  The pieces are cut via waterjet for clean and precise edges.  The thickness is .075" and the pieces come in two standard sizes, 1-1/2"x6" and  2"x6".  Custom sizes can be cut as well as long as quantities are enough to justify a custom cut.   After being cut, each piece is cleaned and sanded to remove  corrosion from the waterjetting process.   I have several "standard" quantities prepackacked and ready for shipment.  If you want a different amount than offered in the standard packages listed, or for quotes on large quantity discounts,  please feel free to contact me by phone or email and I will be happy to work with you.