Damascus Drop Point           SOLD                    10" Overall     5-1/4" Blade

This hunter style blade is forged of a twenty five layer Damascus with thin lines in a large black field.  The guard and pin are both brass and the liner is black and red.  The wood in the handle is a piece of spalted maple that also has a lot of curl in it as well, something that isn't seen often in the same piece.  The sheath is a chocolate colored belt hanger with a tan lining.  The tooling is a random distress marking.  



The Wally

This D2 hunter is my most popular hunting knife.  The D2 steel is a near stainless steel with lots of carbon for good edge retention.  The simple shape and micarta scales make it an easy to use knife when you need a simple skinner.  The sheath is a RH friction fit belt sheath with a calf skin lining for a good tight fit.  Call me to reserve your preferred handle color and material.    $150.00 Each

Damascus Chopper          $300.00                     11" Overall     6-1/2" Blade

This heavy chopper is 585 layers of high carbon steel with a deep etch to show the contrasting lines.  The guard is vintage brown micarta in front of a red G10 spacer.  These lead a beautifully figured piece of maple burl that is held in place with a brass pin.  This knife was originally intended as a kitchen chopper but a sheath could be made and it could become a field knife as well, no extra charge for a sheath should the customer request one.  


Knives for Sale





Damascus  Drop Point          SOLD

9-7/8" Overall     4-7/8" Blade

This blade is forged of a 25 layer billet and has broad lines that have subdued colors.  The handle is a piece of sea cow bone which is right behind a copper guard with a satin finish.  The liner is green paper.   Since the knife has a native hunter flair to it, I fashioned a  shoulder thong pouch sheath with fringes for that old look and feel.  The sheath is sewn with copper wire to add to the vintage appeal of this knife.  This is my  very first piece of sea cow handle material and I think I'll do more because the feel and look of this material is great.  

Damascus Hunter         SOLD

9-1/2" Overall     5-1/8" Blade  

This knife is forged of 375 layers in  a hunter style with a spey blade shape, and a small double guard for extra protection against accidents while the knife is in heavy use.  The guard is brass as is the pin which holds on a nice dark piece of Buckeye Burl which has been stabilized for longevity.  Between the guard and the buckeye are three liners in a black-green-black stack.  The sheath is saddle tan and one of my new hanger style which can be carried right or left, and it has tooling on the front and a chocolate ostrich skin  lining.  

Large Sheep Foot           $300.00

11" Overall     6" Blade  

This knife was forged from a piece of 52100 steel in the design of a sheep foot blade and she is long and slender.  This blade style used to be a popular one but isn't seen much any more.  The shape provides for a very strong blade tip.  The guard is nickel silver and sits in front of a black-yellow-black spacer and a nice piece of blue dyed curly maple.  The pin is stainless.  The sheath is a saddle tan snap strap style of yesteryear to fit the old blade pattern.  

Camp Knife          $250.00      11-1/2" Overall     6-5/8" Blade

Forged of 52100 bearing steel, this is all the knife you will need for the rigorous work of outdoor life in the camp and on the trail.  The convexed edge will keep it's sharpness and the rough forged finish won't diminish with heavy use.    The scales are a cast glow in the dark resin material (see the upper right photo) with two thong hole pins so that a forward or rear lanyard can be attached to keep it close should you lose your grip.  The tooled leather sheath is a swinger and will attach to any size belt with the pop of a snap.     

Hand Forged Medium Bowie          $450.00          11-1/2" Overall          6-7/8" Blade

This medium sized clip point bowie has a full length distill taper with a false edged clip.  The blade was hand forged from 1075 high carbon steel and has a full flat grind.  The guard is a polished brass with a black fiber liner.  A beautiful piece of grain cut  spalted maple was used for the handle which makes the knife super lightweight for its size.  The sheath is a calf skin lined right hand snap strap design with a tooled face and hanger.