Damascus Hunter         SOLD                    8-1/2" Overall     4-1/4" Blade

This hunter style blade is a medium drop point forged of 116 layers of my own Damascus.  The blade is a full flat grind with file work on the spine for a good thumb purchase.  The brass guard is satin finished with a polished finger purchase.  The pin is brass and holds on a red dyed piece of spalted maple.  The thin liner is black.  The included sheath is a right hand snap strap style with a calf skin lining and tooling.   



Hand Forged Recurve Fighter         SOLD       11-1/4" Overall          6-3/4" Blade

 This super lightweight fighter is hand forged from 1084 high carbon bar stock.  It boast a beautiful hamon created by differential heat treat and a recurve shaped blade with lots of distel taper from rear to tip.  The brass guard is satin finished with a long lower lug and a short upper lug for thumb purchase.  The spacer is dyed bone.  The handle is a pistel grip shaped piece of exhibition grade spalted maple, locked in with a brass pin.  The included sheath is a lined and tooled cover with a concho.  



Damascus Fighter Bowie          $1995.00

17-1/4" Overall          12-1/2" Blade

Constructed of 585 layers of twisted ladder damascus, the blade on this fighter stretches out 12-1/2" and has a slight recurve in the belly.  The guard is hand forged mild steel that has been blued to a lustrous shine and heads up a nickel silver shim ahead of a filed spacer that has also been blued.  The handle is presentation Honduran Rosewood and has a nickel silver pin.  The sheath is tooled and lined with double retention straps and belt concho.   

Note:  This blade was the first damascus  blade to receive my JS stamp and was featured in the April 2020 edition of Blade Magazine.  




Knives for Sale


S-Guard Recurve          $750.00

10-1/2" Overall              5-3/4" Blade

This blade is a five layer "san mai style" construction.  The core is 1084 high carbon, between two layers of nickel monel all jacketed in two outer layer of 15N20.  The slight recurve shape lends a fighter style to the blade which flows good into the hand forged wrought iron guard.  Next is a fossil ivory spacer leading into a choice piece of buckeye burl with a stainless pin.  The sheath is a tooled and lined cover with a retention strap and concho.  

Picture available soon! 

Clip Point FIghter          SOLD                   10-3/4" Overall     6-1/4" Blade

This hand forged knife is a medium bowie style with a long clip point.  The 1075 high carbon shows a distinct hamon from a differential heat treat and has a full flat grind.  The oval guard is constructed of damascus with a filed groove on the edge.  The spacer is antique canvas micarta and heads up a nice piece of maple burl.  A brass pin locks it all into place.  The tooled and lined cover style sheath has a black concho and is included in the package.  

The Wally

This D2 hunter is my most popular hunting knife.  The D2 steel is a near stainless steel with lots of carbon for good edge retention.  The simple shape and micarta scales make it an easy to use knife when you need a simple skinner.  The sheath is a RH friction fit belt sheath with a calf skin lining for a good tight fit.  Call me to reserve your preferred handle color and material.    $150.00 Each

Fossil Puuko                        $695.00

9" Overall     4-1/4" Blade

This is a dressy Puuko with 116 layers of damascus in the blade and a partial flat grind in the Scandi style.  The guard is polished on the sides but satin finished on the face and matches the threaded butt cap, which is polished all over.  The handle material is fossilized mammoth tooth which has been stabilized and polished to a high degree of finish.